Impeachment Attempt Fails – For Now

FedUp PAC Staff
The first attempt to have the House of Representatives impeach President Trump failed last Wednesday – but it is far too soon to be celebrating.The fact that the vote took place at all is proof of the intense hatred against the President among those on the left.  The vote’s failure is merely a reminder that Democratic leaders are biding their time, waiting for what they consider a better... Read More >

FedUp PAC Chairman Richard Viguerie Receives IMPACT Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

CHQ Staff
On Wednesday, December 6, 2016 CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie joined Sean Hannity and leaders of the conservative movement from across the country at the first annual United in Purpose IMPACT awards honoring leaders defending liberty.The awards recognized outstanding efforts of unsung warriors in numerous fields outside of government service. The honorees were recognized for making notable... Read More >

Roy Moore Can Win!

FedUp PAC Staff
The left-wing media have done their worst, but they have failed to destroy Judge Roy Moore.  Recent polls show that the race is now too close to call and Moore can still win.There is a great deal at stake in this Alabama Senate election.  President Trump’s greatest legacy is likely to be restoring the judicial branch to constitutional faithfulness by appointing judges who will follow... Read More >

Impeachment Vote Expected to Reach House Floor in a Few Days

FedUp PAC Staff
Rep. Al Green (D-TX) has announced that he will bring a privileged resolution for the impeachment of President Trump to the House floor during the first week of December.“Next week, there will be a vote to impeach” said Green as he addressed the House of Representatives on November 30.Republicans will probably try to table the resolution, but that could require the support of establishment GOP... Read More >

Trump Tweets Order To DOJ: Will Sessions Override Corrupt Dems And Comply?

CHQ Staff
President Trump has once again taken to Twitter to light a fire under the Department of Justice.In a post early yesterday the President tweeted:"The House of Representatives seeks contempt citations(?) against the JusticeDepartment and the FBI for withholding key documents and an FBI witness which could shed light on surveillance of associates of Donald Trump. Big stuff. Deep State. Give this... Read More >

GOP Establishment Likely to Surrender on DACA

FedUp PAC Staff
Republicans leaders in Congress, by postponing a Congressional decision on how to handle Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty, have given Democrats leverage and made it likely that Republicans will, once again, surrender on the amnesty issue.Obama, as president, had a constitutional responsibility to see “that the Laws be faithfully executed” (Article II... Read More >

44 Conservative Leaders to Congress: NOW will you listen to us?

CHQ Staff
Yesterday, forty-four leaders of the conservative movement, including CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, addressed a letter to Congress demanding that the GOP’s Capitol Hill leadership stop enacting the Pelosi – Schumer Democratic agenda and start legislating the Make America Great Again conservative – populist agenda proposed by President Trump and demanded by his millions of grassroots... Read More >

Franken Scandal Exposes Establishment Hypocrisy

FedUp PAC Staff
The Washington establishment had been gleefully attacking Judge Roy Moore over unconfirmed allegations that date back almost 40 years.  Then it was blindsided by the revelations of sexual impropriety by one of the establishment’s favorites, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota.The allegations against Franken are much more recent than those aimed at Moore, and are at least partially confirmed by... Read More >

Judge Roy Moore Against the Establishment Mudslingers

FedUp PAC Staff The crusade against Judge Roy Moore by The Washington Post and the rest of the establishment exhibits both their hatred and their hypocrisy.  That hatred, aimed at anyone who challenges business-as-usual in the Washington swamp, produces a willingness to destroy patriotic Americans who will not join Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others in burying the Trump agenda.  The... Read More >

FedUp PAC Petitions Support Special Counsel for Clinton

FedUp PAC Staff
You have surely been frustrated by the lack of any attempt to seriously investigate what appear to be crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.  We were all outraged when then-FBI Director James Comey admitted that Clinton had shown “extreme carelessness” in handling classified material, yet refused to prosecute her.  The investigation into the Clinton... Read More >