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Five Takeaways From Wikileaks Emails

The first batch of email, made public on Friday evening, contained material that been the subject of speculation for months: excerpts from paid speeches she gave to financial institutions The emails released by WikiLeaks make clear that the transcripts contain statements that could be politically damaging. In one remark at a gathering of apartment building firms, Clinton said that politicians “... Read More >

Five States Will Decide Whether Hillary Wins or Loses – and You Can Help Make the Difference

FedUp PAC Staff
 It was a bad week for Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton told the truth for once, calling ObamaCare a crazy idea that could never work.  Yet Hillary continues to support this program that is on the verge of collapse and survives only through government subsidies.  Then came the Vice Presidential debate, and Gov. Mike Pence reminded voters why they fear a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Hillary Clinton... Read More >

Time for Trump to Bring Up Clinton Scandals

FedUp PAC Staff
Conservatives say that Donald Trump should be tougher on Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate Sunday night according to a poll conducted by FedUp PAC. After a first debate in which Trump hardly mentioned Clinton’s scandals, 57% want him to bring up the email and Clinton Foundation scandals, and Bill Clinton’s history of womanizing. Another 39% say he should bring up just the emails... Read More >

Clinton, Kaine Airbrush Out Inconvenient Details About US Troop Departure From Iraq

"Clinton and Kaine are doing some fancy tap-dancing here. They emphasize the role of Bush and the Iraqi government in determining the pace of the troop departure, without mentioning the Obama administration had tried to reach an agreement for keeping additional troops in Iraq, with many top officials (including Clinton) believing a troop extension was essential. When that deal fell through, in... Read More >

Clinton's Disgraceful Three-Headed Crime Has Compromised the FBI

"The mainstream media and its Democrat operatives with bylines missed the significance of Trump’s raised palm, but I’ll bet the majority of viewers—Donald’s Deplorables, Hillary’s Utterly-Despicables and the undecideds—understood his gesture and reference. “Taking the Fifth” is what mobsters and other guilty real world crooks do when they know the DA or the congressional committee has the goods.... Read More >

Crooked Hillary Counting on Lies, But the Truth Will Defeat Her

FedUp PAC Staff
Anyone foolish enough to expect a more moderate and truthful Hillary Clinton would have been disappointed last Monday night, as she continued to hide her corrupt past and her radical agenda behind a cloud of lies. You can help expose her lies by clicking here to join My Own Super PAC and sending hard-hitting postcards... Read More >

Nothing James Comey Says About the Hillary Clinton Investigation Makes Any Sense

"Rather than striking immunity deals with virtually every person who had intimate knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server and emails, the Justice Department would have saved everyone some time by offering Hillary protection instead. FBI Director James Comey, who testified in front of two congressional committees this week, still maintains he was unable to recommend that the Justice... Read More >

Newt Gingrich: Trump Won the Debate

"Trump wins strategically because in a blunt, clear style, he is saying things most Americans believe. Trump's opponents, including Holt and Clinton, felt good after the debate because their side was glib, articulate, and said things they and their friends believe to be true. The Intellectual Yet Idiot class is so out of touch with America that they don't even realize how badly they are doing and... Read More >

Hillary Failed As Secretary of State - Why Would President Be Any Different?

"Evidence shows she left the State Department in shambles and our nation weaker. Her record at Foggy Bottom disqualifies her to be president. Her failures go beyond leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, the ridiculous Russian “reset” and the carnage in Syria that she and President Obama idly watched unfold — and that gets more horrific daily. A string of investigative... Read More >

Voters Recognizing Clinton’s Dishonesty, But Not Quite Enough

FedUp PAC Staff
Recent polls show that many voters know that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted, yet she still holds a narrow lead in national and key swing state polls.  Not quite enough people have figured her out.  One poll even showed that a small plurality though Clinton was more honest than Trump.  It’s time to drive home the message about Clinton’s dishonesty.  ... Read More >