The survival of conservatism and the Trump agenda depend on the outcome of the 2018 midterm election. If the Democrats take control of Congress—or even just the House—they will be able to stall or defeat all conservative initiatives and will use every opportunity to advance their far-Left agenda . . . CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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America - how do you like the Democrat Party's plan for you?

The Democrat Party has been captured by violent, far-left individuals who want to fundamentally change America into a Socialist country by greatly increasing the size and power of the Washington, D.C. Establishment and the Federal Government including:

  1. Impeach President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh - which will divide America and throw us into a constitutional crisis
  2. In order to get more Democrat voters open wide our border with Mexico, giving citizenship, voting rights, and welfare to tens of millions of illegals
  3. Repeal the Trump tax cuts, then raise taxes and increase regulation of individuals and businesses, which will stop the current economic boom and throw America back into a recession or a depression
  4. Abolish private health insurance and put all Americans into government controlled and operated Medicare, which will quickly lead to its bankruptcy and rationing especially for seniors
  5. Abolish our 2nd Amendment rights
  6. Because many Democrats have become anti-God, anti-Christian, they want to abolish our 1st Amendment right of religious liberty, including denying tax deductions to churches and religious schools that preach against abortion and same sex marriage.


The Democrat Party has been captured by violent anti-God, anti-Catholic, far-left individuals who want to fundamentally change America into a socialist country and erase God from public life. If they take control of Congress in November they will work from day one to:

  1. Impeach President Trump and devout Catholic Justice Kavanaugh - which will divide America and throw us into a Constitutional crisis
  2. Expand taxpayer funded abortion - including abortion at 9 months of pregnancy
  3. Mandate gender neutral polices in our schools - allowing boys in girls bathrooms, showers and bed rooms on field trips
  4. Criminalize religious expression and remove all religious symbols in public including crosses in military cemeteries
  5. Eliminate tax-exempt status for Catholic Churches and schools that preach against abortion and same-sex marriage
  6. Force Catholic businesses, schools and institutions to abandon their Faith and take part in same sex marriages and make abortion available to their employees and customers

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What are the national issues in the 2018 midterm election?

*The Democrats want to open wide the Mexican border
Protect the jobs of American workers. Protect Americans from the violence of illegal immigrants who are criminals.

*Let the voters see how the Democrats have been radicalized, and how many of their supporters are prone to violence
Expose Antifa and other "progressive" allies of the Democrats; restore the rule of law.

*The choice is between Trump's constitutional judges and activist Democrat judges who trash the Constitution
If the Democrats get control of Congress, no practicing Christian (including Evangelicals and Catholics) will be affirmed to the federal courts.

* The Democrats want to undo the results of the 2016 election
They've made it clear that the first item on their agenda is to impeach President Trump.

* The Democrats want taxpayers like you to fund abortion and sex selection
It's time to "just say no" and defund Planned Parenthood and its allies.

* The Democrats want to revoke the tax cuts, and increase taxes even more
We must have a Republican Congress in order to make the tax cuts permanent, and pass even bigger tax cuts and reforms.

*The Democrats are addicted to regulating you and your business
Tax cuts and the Trump Administration's deregulation policies are responsible for our growing economy. Keep it going!

*The Democrats want to force all Americans into Medicare
That would bankrupt and destroy Medicare for seniors.

*Make our military great again, and stand up to the anti-American UN
Fund the weapons we need, but cut the waste and stop the endless, unwinnable, and unnecessary wars around the globe.

*Support President Trump in restoring respect for America abroad
Make the NATO nations pay for their defense; expose the Clinton and Obama collusions with the Russians; and stand up to Chinese expansionism.

What would you add to this list?



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