Democrats Continue to Push Unaffordable ObamaCare

FedUp PAC Staff
After years of rapidly escalating Obama Care premiums, Democrats are now pushing the lie that the increases are the fault of President Trump (who tried to protect us by repealing ObamaCare). Sally Pipes hits the nail on the head with this comment.  "It's intellectually dishonest to blame Republicans for premium hikes. ObamaCare's architects and proponents are the ones who sabotaged America's... Read More >

Democratic Senate Victories in 2018 Would Threaten Constitutional Liberties

FedUp PAC Staff
The Supreme Court's decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case must serve as a reminder of how much our constitutional liberties are at stake in this year’s elections to the United States Senate.  Democrats need a gain of only two seats to have the ability to block every constitutional conservative nominated by President Trump.  That would allow them to preserve a Federal judiciary now dominated... Read More >

High Democratic Turnout Threatens Trump Presidency

While some Republicans don't want to admit it, the 2018 primaries continue to pile up evidence that Democrats are more motivated to vote than Republicans this year. The Washington Post analysis of yesterday's primaries shows that this trend shows no signs of going away. The GOP often does well in midterm elections because more Democratic voters stay home when there is no presidential race.  It... Read More >

Defense of MS-13 Shows How Far Democrats Will Go to Attack Trump

FedUp PAC Staff
President Trump described the murderous thugs of MS-13 as "animals", and Democrats were quick to jump to the defense of MS-13. This year's elections will feature Democrats attacking everything the President does and says, with the biased media giving them full support.   To watch the video, follow the link below. Read More >

Democratic Scandal Unfolds While Media Ignore It

FedUp PAC Staff
Scandal-plagued Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former chairman of the DNC, continues to be the focus of newsworthy stories. But have you seen them in your newspaper or the TV news? This kind of one-sided coverage by the liberal media makes it an uphill climb for the GOP to hold the House and Senate so that President Trump can continue to do his job.  Democratic scandals are ignored or downplayed... Read More >

Supreme Court Reminds Us Why Voters Must Stand Behind Trump

The Supreme Court decision upholding the religious liberty of a Colorado baker against zealously anti-Christian homosexuals should be a wake-up call for voters.  President Trump must be allowed to keep making appointments to the Federal judiciary.  If Democrats win the Senate, they will block Trump's appointments.  If Democrats win the House, they will try to remove him by impeachment. The 2018... Read More >

2018 Elections Threaten to Overturn 2016, Remove Trump

FedUp PAC Staff
The 2016 election promised great days for America, but the 2018 election now threatens to make 2016 nothing but an insignificant footnote in history. A Democratic victory in November would, at best, mean gridlock for the next two years as Congress blocks the President’s legislative agenda, overturns his regulatory actions, and rejects his judicial appointments.  Even worse, it could lead to the... Read More >

2018 Democrats Are Crazy: Say Trump as Dangerous as bin Laden!

Democrats Equate Trump to Bin Laden
There are Democrats who believe that Trump is as big a villain as Osama bin Laden once was.  That's why a Democratic Congress will do whatever it can to cripple Trump's presidency and remove him from office. The 2018 election will determine whether Democrats proceed with their plans, or Republicans maintain control and contine to enact the Trump agenda.   To read the article, follow the link... Read More >

Media Monopolies Declare War on Conservatives

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC
Media Monopolies Declare War on Conservatives
Conservatives, wake up!  We face a problem that challenges our very existence.  Elitists want to eliminate us as a cultural and political force to be reckoned with.  To reach that goal, they will decide what news we see and which opinion viewpoints we hear.  And they have the power to do that. I’m referring to the elitists’ new information monopolies—Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube.  We... Read More >

Mueller Team Could Deliver 2018 Elections to Democrats, Sink Trump

Mueller Team Could Deliver 2018 Elections to Democrats, Sink Trump
President Trump understands that the Mueller investigation is a part of the campaign to destroy Trump's reputation and give the Democrats control of Congress.   To read the article, follow the link below. . Read More >