The Swamp Goes All In Against Judge Roy Moore

September 21, 2017
By: CHQ Staff

The independent polls show Judge Roy Moore with a strong, and holding, 7-point lead over appointed establishment Republican Senator Luther Strange in Alabama’s upcoming Republican primary runoff.

DACA Surrender Would Cripple Trump’s Immigration Policy

September 15, 2017
By: FedUp PAC Staff

            The bipartisan Washington establishment is pushing hard for a deal to write the DACA amnesty into law – something Republicans refused to do when Obama was president – in the hope that it will leave President Trump unable to carry out his other promises on illegal aliens.

Conservatives Say Trump Should Veto DACA Amnesty, Even If It Shuts Down the Government

September 15, 2017
By: FedUp PAC Staff

            Conservatives want President Trump to veto any bill that writes Obama’s DACA amnesty into law, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

Conservatives beware of West Wing Democrat salesmen bearing promises

September 15, 2017
By: Jeffrey Rendall

Encouraging such prosperity would naturally include creating a tax structure that promotes all the good things about economics – consumer saving, investing and yes, spending.

To get more money in people’s pockets, cut their taxes. It’s what the GOP’s all about, right?

GOP Establishment Joins Democrats in War on Trump

September 08, 2017
By: FedUp PAC Staff

A Washington insider explains how the Republican establishment wants to weaken and make President Trump irrelevant.