FedUp PAC Staff CALL TO ACTION Help FedUp PAC throw the Trump Impeachers out of Congress! Of the 31 vulnerable House Democrats who represent districts President Trumpwon in 2016, 29 voted to impeach President Trump. Here are the 29 vulnerableDemocrats that HATE you and President Trump . . . VOTE THEM OUT! ARIZONA:Rep. Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ) — Arizona’s 1st Congressional District GEORGIA:Rep. Lucy McBath (D-... Read More >

Open Letter to Catholics

FedUp PAC Staff
Richard A. Viguerie Pioneer of the Target Marketing Method that Helped Elect Ronald Reagan Donald Trump and Helped Build the Conservative Movement Please Complete the Enclosed Catholic Survey  Concerning My "Micro-Targeting" Battle Plan To Show Millions of Catholics Who Usually Vote Democrat    How Today's National Democrat Party Has Become   Openly Anti-Christian, Radical on Abortion and Even... Read More >

Catholics Not Welcome . . . But Atheists Are

FedUp PAC Staff Catholics Not Welcome . . . But Atheists Are The Democratic National Committee (DNC), on August 24 at their San Francisco meeting, passed a new resolution proclaiming the Democrat Party welcome with open-arms the "religious unaffiliated" (code for atheists, agnostics and non-believers). While the Republicans embrace people of all faiths and holds the sanctity of life and traditional family values... Read More >

An Open Letter to Conservatives

FedUp PAC Staff
Dear Conservative Voter, I'm anxious to get information and advice from conservatives like you. Why? Because we conservatives hold the key to whether President Trump or an open borders, dangerous, elite socialist Democrat will be elected President in 2020. The reason we conservatives are so important to President Trump's reelection and conservative candidates for Senate, House, Governor, etc. is... Read More >

2020 Voter's Guide to the New Militant Radical Socialist Democrats

FedUp PAC Staff
Branding the 2020 Democrat candidates as dangerous, unhinged militant socialists is a strong and effective way to take advantage of a golden opportunity for conservatives to keep the Presidency, increase our majority in the U.S. Senate and win back control of the House of Representatives next year. And FedUp PAC is the only conservative group providing leadership with a strategy to use targeted... Read More >

Democrats Have Become Anti-Catholic

FedUp PAC Staff
Democrats to Catholics – "Catholics not Welcome!" It's clear from recent actions and statements by national Democrats that they want to return to the anti-Catholic bigotry of the past by using the power of the government to force Catholics to change their religious beliefs, impose a "religious test" on Catholics, and expel Catholics from public life. Background Documentation: The Democrats have... Read More >

How the Anti-God, Elitist Socialist Democrats Plan to Fool the Millennials to Vote for Democrats in 2020

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC
How the Anti-God, Elitist Socialist Democrats Plan to Fool the Millennials to Vote for Democrats in 2020 Millennials, those reaching adulthood roughly around the turn of the new century, may soon be America's largest voting bloc.  That makes them a prime group for recruitment in 2020 for the Democrats. The trouble for the Left, however, is that millennials tend not to vote due to their lack of... Read More >

The New Democrats Have Become Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israel

FedUp PAC Staff
The New Democrats Have Become Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israel If anything is more telling today in politics, it’s the lack of response by the Democrats to stand up for the Jewish people.  Of particular disgust, is the most recent insult hurled upon the state of Israel and the memory of the millions of Jewish people who suffered and died in the Holocaust, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that the “U.S... Read More >

“Medicare for All” Would be Dangerous and Life-Threatening to Seniors

FedUp PAC Staff
Democrat's "Medicare for All" Plan Will Destroy Medicare, Ration Seniors' Health Care, and Wipe-out Private Insurance Companies Statement: Most Democrat politicians have joined in support of having the federal government put all Americans regardless of age into Medicare. What it all means for seniors is rationing of their health care, sky high premiums, 3-6 month long waits to see a doctor and... Read More >

BRANDING the New Democrats as Unhinged, Elite, Anti-God, Violent Radical Socialists a Top FedUp PAC Strategy for 2019 Elections

FedUp PAC Staff
You might be asking yourself why the 2019 Off-Year elections are so important and why you need to join with FedUp PAC to help push back the Democrats. With the Democrats now in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives, they will be launching their radical agenda to try to enforce more environmental restrictions (restrictions that will kill jobs and raise gas and energy taxes), enact laws to... Read More >