CNN Moves Florida, Nevada Toward Trump

Florida and Nevada are once again within reach for Donald Trump, according to CNN's electoral outlook. The network on Thursday moved both states from "lean Democratic" to "battleground" status. CNN had moved both to "lean Democratic" last week. Follow the link below to read the full article. Read More >

FOX News Poll: Trump Closing in on Clinton

With less than two weeks to go, the race for the White House has narrowed as Hillary Clinton now has a three-point advantage over Donald Trump. That’s within the margin of error of the national Fox News Poll of likely voters. She was up 7 a week ago. Follow the link below to read the full article. Read More >

Top Clinton Aide: Trump Absolutely Right' He Can Win

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, warns in a new video that the Democratic presidential nominee's supporters can't become complacent. Donald Trump has been going around telling people not to listen to the polls and saying that he can still win this race," Mook said in a video posted by the Clinton campaign. "Well, you know what? He's absolutely right." Follow the link below to... Read More >

Time Running Out to Stop Hillary

FedUp PAC Staff
As the presidential campaign enter its final two weeks, the media have made themselves a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  They have protected her, either ignoring or excusing her lawbreaking, her corruption, and her radical-left positions on issues.  They have diverted the attention of the voters by constant, over-the-top attacks on her opponent. The media also seek to make Hillary’s victory... Read More >

Daniel Oliver: The Easy Case for Donald Trump

Conservatives should note that supporting Donald Trump is less apparently dangerous to the integrity of the Republican Party (which he has crashed), and therefore to the Republic, than was supporting Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney, who were enthusiastically welcomed by the establishment Republicans, but none of whom would have made any serious attempt to roll back the intrusions of the... Read More >

On "Accepting Election Results"

Who was the last candidate who refused to accept the result on election day, as certified by election authorities? Al Gore. Did Gore “upend a basic pillar of American democracy” when he tried to overturn the result of the 2000 election? I don’t remember the Associated Press saying so at the time.   To read the full article, follow the link below. Read More >

Voters Must Know What Clinton Would Do to America

FedUp PAC Staff
What kind of president would Hillary Clinton be? Her own words tell us. She has declared her slavish devotion to political correctness, saying that “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” That was her declaration of war on Christians, her promise to use the law to attack Christian beliefs on abortion, homosexuality, and “transgender rights.”... Read More >

Did the FBI Chief Lie to Congress About the Hillary Email Probe?

Congressional leaders investigating the FBI’s suspiciously inept investigation of ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails are turning their attention to FBI chief James Comey’s truthfulness. Did he mislead them? Did he perjure himself? Two days after clearing Clinton of criminal wrongdoing, Comey went to Capitol Hill and explained his reasons for coming to that stunning conclusion.... Read More >

Five Takeaways From Wikileaks Emails

The first batch of email, made public on Friday evening, contained material that been the subject of speculation for months: excerpts from paid speeches she gave to financial institutions The emails released by WikiLeaks make clear that the transcripts contain statements that could be politically damaging. In one remark at a gathering of apartment building firms, Clinton said that politicians “... Read More >

Five States Will Decide Whether Hillary Wins or Loses – and You Can Help Make the Difference

FedUp PAC Staff
 It was a bad week for Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton told the truth for once, calling ObamaCare a crazy idea that could never work.  Yet Hillary continues to support this program that is on the verge of collapse and survives only through government subsidies.  Then came the Vice Presidential debate, and Gov. Mike Pence reminded voters why they fear a Hillary Clinton presidency.  Hillary Clinton... Read More >