GOP Insiders Take a Beating at Virginia Convention

FedUp PAC Staff
All the manipulations of Republican insiders were in vain on Saturday as the Virginia Republican convention chose a slate of delegates made up entirely of Cruz and Trump supporters to go to Cleveland in July. The victory came even though Cruz supporters in Virginia Beach and many Trump delegates broke away to support the delegate slate endorsed by John Kasich’s campaign. Fortunately,... Read More >

Republican Leaders Protecting the IRS

FedUp PAC Staff
IRS Logo
While House conservatives are working to rein in IRS abuses by impeaching its commissioner, the Republican leadership is doing its best to protect the IRS from accountability. Sixty-seven House Republicans have joined in introducing a resolution (H Res 494) to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. The resolution, introduced by Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, accuses Koskinen of... Read More >

RINOs Already Blaming Trump

FedUp PAC Staff
The first general election vote won’t be counted for another six months, but certain Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs) are already setting up Donald Trump to take the blame in case the November 8 results don’t go their way. In the case of at least one well-known RINO U.S. Senator, though, he might not even make it to November. The March 24 post on the popular conservative website Townhall... Read More >

“Evolving” New York Values

FedUp PAC Staff
Donald Trump
It’s safe to say visitors to the FedUp PAC website don’t need to think twice about so-called gender identification. After all, there are only two genders, and you are one or the other. In some places, however, apparently it’s not as simple as that. Take New York, for example. Last week, native New Yorker and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked on NBC’s the Today Show about... Read More >

Conservatives Say “No” to Puerto Rico Bailout

FedUp PAC Staff
Capitol Washington DC
Conservatives oppose the Puerto Rico bailout bill that the House Republican leadership has been pushing, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. A nearly unanimous 99% say that Puerto Rico should cut back on its generous welfare state spending rather than be bailed out by taxpayers or refuse to pay its debts. The bailout had been expected to pass the House last week but was delayed when conservative... Read More >

Indiana: The Establishment Strikes Back

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John Kasich Ohio Governor
If there is any state in which the GOP establishment has demonstrated its ability to overrule the wishes of GOP voters, that state is Indiana. Most observers believe that either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will win the May 3 primary and that they will split the delegates between them. John Kasich seems unlikely to win even a single congressional district. However, the delegates have already been... Read More >

Conservatives Win Opening Budget Battle in House

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US Flag Waving Conservatives Win Opening Budget Battle in House
Conservatives won the first of many battles over 2017 spending as they blocked passage of a budget resolution that would have exceeded the spending limits of the 2011 budget compromise. Conservatives, especially those belonging to the House Freedom Caucus, objected to the House leadership plan to add $30 billion in spending to what is already a rapidly increasing deficit. Following the 2011... Read More >

Puerto Rico Bailout Exposes RINO Alliance with Democrats

FedUp PAC Staff
A bill to bail out Puerto Rico from the consequences of its huge deficits has exposed the fact that the RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) prefer to deal with liberal Democrats rather than conservatives in their own party. Both The Washington Post and Politico report that Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva is boasting that the GOP leadership approach to the bailout will require joining with... Read More >

Tales of Courage and Cowardice in the Culture Wars

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Constitution Tales of Courage and Cowardice in the Culture Wars
This is a tale of two governors, but it’s no bedtime story. Instead, it’s a profile in courage alongside a profile in cowardice. Both of the governors in this tale are Republicans. One of them – Phil Bryant of Mississippi – is true to the traditional Republican principle of upholding the Bill of Rights. The other one – Nathan Deal of Georgia – is a Republican-in-Name-Only (RINO) who betrayed... Read More >

Constitutional Conservative Mike Lee Challenges Senate GOP Establishment

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Mike Lee Senator Photo
While attention has been focused on the 2016 presidential race, Republican insiders also had to fight back a challenge to their control over the Senate – and their success gave them only a temporary victory. Utah Senator Mike Lee, the first senator to endorse Ted Cruz for president, had announced that he would be a candidate for chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, which would put him in... Read More >