2016 National Grassroots Straw Poll

Candidates are still crowding into the race for President in 2016, but you can help us send your favorites a message of support right now. To vote in the FedUp PAC 2016 Presidential Straw poll, GO HERE, choose your top three picks for President, and you're done! Voting will only be open for a few more days, so please, cast your vote now - and then share the poll with your friends and family, so... Read More >

Vote Now: Trump vs. Bush on Immigration

Donald Trump has offered a detailed plan to stop illegal immigration from Mexico. Trump's plan focuses on three key elements: Seal our southern border with a wall Put an end to so-called "Sanctuary Cities" Stop the practice of Birthright Citizenship Conservative commentator Ann Coulter called Trump's plan "the greatest political document since the Magna Carta." But Jeb Bush attacked the Trump... Read More >