Dear Friend,

After you have read this email carefully, I am going to ask you to answer a brief two question CATHOLIC AWARENESS SURVEY.

But first, you need to know the information about Hillary Clinton's views on Catholics and Catholicism that the mainstream media is deliberately withholding because they have become a conscious and active arm of the Democratic Party.

To start with, you need to know that:

Hillary Clinton believes your Catholic "deep-seated religious beliefs . . . have to be changed" - in other words, under a Clinton Presidency, expect the criminalization of our Christian beliefs and values to be made official government policy. The government will get to decide what religious beliefs will be tolerated or not tolerated in America.

(From a Hillary Clinton speech to "The Women of the World Summit," April 25, 2015)

Hillary Clinton's Vice Presidential choice Tim Kaine (who proclaims to be a "devout" Catholic) when asked if the Clinton campaign should apologize for its mockery of Catholics, first tried to blame the Russians and then declared,

"I don't think you need to apologize for your opinions."

(From a Tim Kaine interview in ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," October 16, 2016)

Hillary Clinton supports partial birth abortion and wants to abolish the Hyde Amendment which means your tax dollars will be used to pay for abortions on demand.

(From a speech Hillary Clinton made at a Planned Parenthood meeting in January 2016 where she pledged total allegiance to abortion on demand and to the repeal of the Hyde Amendment)

Hillary Clinton said critics of radical Islam should be "shamed" into keeping silent.

(From Hillary Clinton's speech in Istanbul, Turkey, to "The Organization Of Islamic Cooperation's Jihad on Free Speech," July 2011)

Hillary Clinton wants a 550% increase in Syrian refugees settling in the U.S even though FBI Director James Comey says that U.S. government security agencies do not have the capability to determine who the radical Muslims are amongst the 65,000 Hillary wants to bring in each year from Syria.

(From a September 2015 interview on CBS's Face The Nation)

Hillary Clinton wants a Supreme Court that will protect abortion on demand (including partial birth abortion), same-sex marriage, and even more extreme views of open sexuality. As President, she will appoint two or even three Supreme Court justices creating a court that will champion atheism and secularism, restrict your religious liberty, and criminalize the teachings of our Catholic faith for decades to come.

(From Hillary Clinton's October 9 debate with Donald Trump)

Hillary Clinton's top campaign managers have contempt for Catholics, our Church, and our faith. Clinton e-mails recently made public by WikiLeaks reveal how top Clinton political operative John Podesta created front groups specifically to undercut Catholic bishops and subvert the Church's authority.

(From the recently released WikiLeaks Clinton emails)

Hillary Clinton wants to expand Obamacare and its mandates on our Catholic beliefs. In defense of the government's imposition of abortion and contraception on Catholics, she has declared, "Every woman, no matter where she works, deserves birth control coverage. This shouldn't be a question."

(In a Tweet on the Little Sisters of the Poor legal challenge to the Obamacare law's contraceptive mandate, May 16, 2016)

Hillary Clinton is more concerned about not offending Muslims than she is about our national security and the safety of our country, our troops, and your family. After radical Muslims in Benghazi, Libya, killed four American heroes (who she did nothing to prevent or save), Hillary Clinton blamed the entire murderous jihadist affair on an anti-Muslim video:

"To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose: to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.

(Hillary Clinton remarks at the Opening Plenary of the U.S. Morocco Strategic Dialogue, September 2012)

These are just some of the many reasons that Catholics like you and me cannot and must not vote for Hillary Clinton.

You won't hear much of this from the pro-Clinton liberal media.

You won't even hear about the ugly anti-Catholic truth about Hillary from the most of the bishops and other leaders of our Church.

But as an American and a Catholic I am going to tell you right-here-and-now.

I'm also going to tell you why I could never in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton - and why I will be voting for Donald Trump.

My name is Richard A. Viguerie.

You may have seen me over the years on TV or talk radio shows, or you may have heard of some of my accomplishments since I first became involved in national politics back in 1961.

If so, then you may remember I was the first to use direct marketing principles to motivate millions of Americans to become involved in critical public policy matters, and to fight for such things as keeping America's military second to none, lowering taxes, and limiting federal regulations on your rights and our free markets.

Today, I am Chairman of a company that is widely recognized as the top ideological direct marketing firm in the United States.

More importantly, I am a Cradle Catholic and an active member of my local parish in the Virginia country side who cares deeply about our faith, my Church, my country and the future of my three children and six grandchildren.

I am sure you are a lot like me in this respect.

That's why I have rushed you this heartfelt emergency email today.

In addition to be being Chairman of a major marketing firm, I also head a nationwide political action committee dedicated to educating voters on the issues that truly matter today and to electing candidates who will stand up for our liberty, prosperity, and security.

In that capacity, I am now working with a group of generous and committed Americans who share my view of Hillary Clinton and the tremendous damage she will do to our country if elected in November.

These patriots also understand as I do that a Clinton Presidency will pose a clear-and-present danger to our faith, our Church, our families, and our liberty.

As a result, they have provided me with the funds I need to reach out to Catholics like you to tell you with the truth about Hillary that the liberal media - most of whom are in the business of helping her win -- won't tell you.

You see, the last thing ABC News or The New York Times wants is for Catholics like you to know the real truth about Hillary Clinton.

Why? Because they know that Catholics, especially Catholic women, are a key swing vote that will probably decide who wins this election.

So, day in and day out, the liberal media has been hammering Donald Trump on personal actions and statements he did or said years ago -- while ignoring Hillary Clinton's corrupt actions, scandals and policies that have deceived the American people, broken our laws, and damaged our nation's security.

In fact, any information that might hurt Clinton and the liberal Democrats among Catholics and Catholic women in particular, is immediately diminished and excused by the national news media.

Case in point was the recent WikiLeaks release of emails from some of Clinton's top campaign managers which highlighted the contempt Clinton's top campaign advisors have for Catholics.

The emails document how Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta bragged about "infiltrating" the Catholic Church with liberals who could foment a "revolution" that would force Catholics to accept same-sex marriage, abortion, and other liberal doctrine.

The emails also showed the Clinton campaign's contempt for Christians in general.

For example, Clinton Communication Director Jennifer Palmieri is caught theorizing that people choose to be Catholic in order to hide their bias against women's rights and homosexuals:

"I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion . . . Their friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals."

As usual, the Clinton Media have done all they can to sweep this contempt for Catholics under the rug. But it's just one of many facts about Hillary Clinton they want to keep away from you and Catholic women.

That's why I sent you this message today. You need to know what the media won't report in order to make an informed decision on Election Day.

What's more, because of the media blackout of Hillary Clinton's anti-Catholic and other extremist plans for America, it is almost certain your loved ones, friends and fellow church members are not aware of what I am sharing with you today.

That's why I am asking you to forward this message to them so you can share this information as widely as possible.

A vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th is a vote for a candidate who will force you and your fellow Catholics to "change" your Christian views and values and to submit to the views and values of the federal government.

Yes, this election is about two radically different world views.

Hillary Clinton and the liberal anti-Christian judges, aides, and bureaucrats she would appoint as President will change America forever and make Barack Obama's "fundamental transformation" of our country seem mild in comparison.

That's what's at stake in this year's Presidential election. If you want a President who respects your faith and your right to practice it, then the choice is clear and simple.


Yours in liberty under God's laws,

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman
FedUp Political Action Committee

P.S. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at Also, please don't put this message aside until you have forwarded it to your loved ones, friends, and fellow church members. That way, you will play a direct and important role in spreading this vital information about Hillary Clinton that so many of our fellow Americans do not know because the media has refused to report it. Thank you and God bless.

P.P.S. Did you already know about the anti-Catholic views, comments and policies of Hillary Clinton and her aides that I am telling you about today? And if so, where and how did you learn about them? Was it from the internet? Conservative talk radio? Or some other source?

As we go forward between now and Election Day, it would be helpful for me to know the answers to these questions so I can better target our final efforts to fully expose the truth about Hillary Clinton to Catholics like you.

So please, CLICK HERE to answer a brief CATHOLIC AWARENESS SURVEY.