Judge Roy Moore Against the Establishment Mudslingers

FedUp PAC Staff

The crusade against Judge Roy Moore by The Washington Post and the rest of the establishment exhibits both their hatred and their hypocrisy.  That hatred, aimed at anyone who challenges business-as-usual in the Washington swamp, produces a willingness to destroy patriotic Americans who will not join Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others in burying the Trump agenda.  The hypocrisy is obvious to anyone who remembers how the establishment has reacted to similar or more serious allegations against one of its own.

President Bill Clinton was involved in a sexual relationship with a White House intern and was accused of having sexually assaulted a volunteer worker in the White House as well as having sexually harassed an employee while serving as Governor of Arkansas.  The establishment responded by insisting that Clinton was still entirely fit to be president, and even some Republicans joined the Democrats in voting against impeachment and removal.  “Judge not that ye be not judged” and “let him who is without sin cast the first stone” were their battle cries at that time.

And we must not forget Democratic Congressmen Gerry Studds, who had a sexual relationship with one of the House pages.  The establishment firmly rejected the idea that he should be expelled from the House, and supported his reelection to another term.  Anyone who suggested he had proven himself to be unfit to serve was denounced as homophobic and unenlightened.

Clinton and Studds were proven guilty of sexual misconduct.  Roy Moore has merely been accused, without corroborating evidence.

Clinton and Studds were guilty of misconduct that was much more recent than the nearly four decades that have passed since the time of the unproven Moore incidents.

Clinton and Studds used the power of their offices to take advantage of those who worked for them.  Moore has not even been accused of doing any such thing.

Moore’s enemies have not been able to come up with even unproven allegations regarding the second half of his long life.  In that sense, they themselves are his character witnesses.  They must admit that the Roy Moore of today is a man with a record of integrity and principle.

In fact, that is Moore’s real crime.  He will not fit into the Washington swamp. 

As Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, he defied the establishment.

As a US Senator, he can be expected to rock the boat, and to speak up about the backroom deals.

If Judge Roy Moore is defeated, or forced to withdraw, the establishment wins and America loses.  It’s as simple as that.