Is a Special Counsel Needed to Investigate Hillary Clinton?

FedUp PAC is circulating a grassroots petition calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Clinton is known to have used a private server for official government email so as to evade the Freedom of Information Act. She deleted 33,000 emails, falsely claiming that none were about State Department business. Former FBI Director James Comey said that she had been extremely careless in her handling of classified information. The email traffic of Clinton and her aides at the State Department shows that donors to the Clinton Foundation were given special treatment.

Clearly the mainstream media is not pushing for an investigation, which is why we are circulating the petition to show President Trump and Attorney General Sessions they have popular support to initiate a special counsel.

Tell Us: Do you think that an impartial special counsel is needed to investigate whetherHillary Clinton has committed crimes that deserve prosecution?