Roy Moore

Republican Senate Primaries Emerging as Trump v. McConnell

The Alabama primary victory of Judge Roy Moore over establishment favorite Luther Strange has both highlighted and encouraged the rise of pro-Trump, anti-establishment GOP senate candidates to challenge incumbents in 2018.

With the current Republican-majority Senate unwilling to support the President and drain the swamp, Republican voters are realizing that getting action in Washington requires not only replacing Democrats with Republicans but also replacing establishment Republicans with constitutional conservatives who refuse to play the old Washington game.

We're Fed Up with the GOP Establishment on ObamaCare Repeal

Republicans have one last chance to keep faith with their voters when another ObamaCare repeal vote comes up in the Senate just before the September 30 deadline.  After that Saturday, Congress can no longer use the reconciliation process to avoid a Democratic filibuster.

The Swamp Goes All In Against Judge Roy Moore

The independent polls show Judge Roy Moore with a strong, and holding, 7-point lead over appointed establishment Republican Senator Luther Strange in Alabama’s upcoming Republican primary runoff.

The depth of the panic sparked by the idea of a Roy Moore victory has driven Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his lowlife political operatives to new levels of gutter politics by claiming the Judge Moore opposes the border wall when the opposite is true.

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