Justice Department Opens Probe of Obama-Clinton Uranium Deal: Could Lead to Special Prosecutor

FedUp PAC Staff

There is good news as we start the new year of 2018, despite the Arctic freeze gripping most of the nation. The Justice Department has opened an investigation of the 2010 deal by the Obama administration, with the approval of Hillary Clinton's State Department, to give control of 20% of America's uranium reserves to the Russian atomic energy agency. So don't let the freezing weather dampen your spirits. Things could get hot soon.

The Justice Department probe could lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor, as FedUp PAC has urged, investigating the uranium deal and other suspicious dealings by the Clintons, their Clinton Foundation, and the Obama administration, including the apparent squashing of an FBI investigation into related corruption and money laundering on a grand scale. Imagine the ironic justice in this. After a year, the Mueller special counsel has not come up with any evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia during the 2016 election. Now the possibility of real collusion-between the Obama-Clinton Democrats and Russia-may steal the spotlight. 

Uranium is considered a strategic asset, of course, critical to national security. A sale of this sort to a foreign entity, especially one that is potentially a nuclear enemy, has to be approved by the State Department. And State, under Secretary Clinton, dutifully approved the sale, despite a protest by the U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan, who warned that the uranium company was acting on behalf of Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU, to buy uranium mines after Russia saw its uranium imports limited by economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies. 

A coincidence? It doesn't pass the smell test, much less the radioactive test. 

NBC News broke the story late last month, but this explosive development was then ignored and squashed by the rest of the mainstream (Swamp) media. That's to be expected. The Swamp Media can act like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand, ignoring news so potentially damaging to the Clintons and the Obama administration, but the probe goes on. 

NBC News said the probe is "part of the Justice Department's effort to fulfill a promise an assistant attorney general made to Congress last month to examine whether a special counsel was warranted to look into what has become known as the Uranium One deal. . ." 

The GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee, for example, have long wanted to know if then-FBI Director James Comey had "knowledge of the purchase of Uranium One by the company Rosatom, whether the approval of the sale was connected to any donations made to the Clinton Foundation, and what role Secretary Clinton played in the approval of that sale that had national security ramifications." Comey and Clinton certainly will not tell if not required under oath by a Special Counsel. 

Pravda hailed the deal with this headline: "Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World." And Putin has made no secret of his desire to control as much of the world's uranium supply as he can. (We don't have to wonder why.) 

Mining industrialists built a company that extracted uranium in Wyoming, then sold the company to the Russians, when it became known as Uranium One. Those industrialists also showed their generosity in the form of millions of dollars given to the Clinton Foundation, not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite their promise to do so when she became Secretary of State. Also, shortly after the sale, Bubba was paid $500,000 for one speech given to a Moscow investment bank with links to the Kremlin. That must have been some speech! (Does the term "payola" come to anyone's mind?) 

An FBI probe of the Clinton Foundation reportedly started as a money laundering investigation in Los Angeles. The investigation then was centered in New York City for about a year. Just before the 2016 election, when everybody expected Mrs. Clinton to be elected President, it was squashed by the Obama Justice Department. The head of Justice was Loretta Lynch-yes, the same Loretta Lynch who previously had a private, off-the- record conversation with Bill Clinton in an airplane on the tarmac at the Phoenix Airport. 

Coincidence? Everything connected with the Clintons seems to be a "coincidence." That's why we need a Special Counsel to get to the bottom of these coincidences. 

The GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee had 14 matters they want a Special Counsel to investigate. FedUp PAC has others. But you get the picture. 

Fellow FedUp Americans, the massive corruption surrounding the Clintons is unprecedented in American history. The brazenness of this self-aggrandizing couple is breathtaking. Obviously they believe they are above the law-and so far they have been. 

In 2015 Forbes magazine asked: "Since Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001, they have earned more than $230 million. But in federal filings the Clintons claim they are worth somewhere between $11 million and $53 million. After layering years of disclosures on top of annual tax returns, Forbes estimates their combined net worth at $45 million. Where did all of the money go? No one seems to know, and the Clintons aren't offering any answers" (emphasis added). 

It's not just about personal enrichment, however. As we have seen, they have put American national security at risk and put America up for sale to dubious foreign bidders. 

We congratulate President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for having the courage to open this probe into possible corruption at the highest levels during the Obama administration. And we will be putting constant pressure on them to follow through fearlessly, wherever the facts lead, and despite the firestorm we can expect from the denizens of the Swamp. 


Richard A. Viguerie
Chairman, FedUp PAC 

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