NationalizeTheElection.org is a project launched by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of American Target Advertising, Inc. and ConservativeHQ.com.

Richard Viguerie transformed American politics in the 1960s and 70s by pioneering the use of direct mail fundraising in the political and ideological spheres. He used computerized direct mail fundraising to help build the conservative movement, which then elected Ronald Reagan as the first conservative president of the modern era.

Viguerie's latest book is Takeover: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It (WND Books, 2014). In Takeover, prominent Republican strategist and fundraiser Richard Viguerie outlines the way to establish limited government constitutional conservatism as the governing philosophy of the Republican Party and sanity back to Congress and the White House. Viguerie details the storied history of the battle for the soul of Republican Party and offers practical advice and outlines the steps necessary for conservatives to win the civil war in the GOP and govern America.


As the "Funding Father of the conservative movement," Viguerie motivated millions of Americans to participate in politics for the first time, greatly expanding the base of active citizenship. He is our era's equivalent of Tom Paine, using a direct mail letter rather than a pamphlet to deliver his call to arms. George magazine credited this as one of the defining political moments of the 20th century.

Viguerie's advertising firm has mailed billions of letters spanning more than half a century. Ronald Reagan's 1968 campaign manager Cliff White and journalist William Gill wrote in their book Why Reagan Won: "In every election from 1966 onward, the Viguerie Company and its score of imitators…brought information to millions of Americans; information that quite often the people could not obtain from newspapers or television or mass-circulation magazines."

The AFL-CIO News has said that Viguerie "made it all possible" for conservatives, and the Washington Post has called him "the conservatives' Voice of America." He was cited in the Washington Times as one of 13 "Conservatives of the Century."

 "Richard Viguerie, the direct mail impresario…may have understood the value of a name before anyone else in contemporary politics."
The New York Times Magazine

"Richard A. Viguerie provided conservatives with an essential tool to communicate ideas and motivate people."
– Dr. Lee Edwards
The Washington Times

"He is one of the genuine pioneers of modern American politics. He went out and figured out some very complicated things and then applied them to a cause he believed in—a cause that I am proud to have worked with him on. He really invented the use of direct mail by Republicans and by conservatives."
–Newt Gingrich
Former House Speaker

"He is the catalyst that allowed conservatism to reach the pinnacles that it has over these past many years. He was on the ground floor with YAF, with Reagan, with Goldwater. He was there with his envelopes and his stamps that allowed conservatism to be such a powerful force in today's politics."
– Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Former Congressman

"The truth is I couldn't have gotten my Institute off the ground without what I learned from him."
– Morton Blackwell
President, Leadership Institute

"Richard Viguerie changed the world, [and helped] to build a new conservative movement in America that ultimately resulted in the election of Ronald Reagan and changes the face of American politics forever."
– Richard Armstrong
Author, The Next Hurrah: The Communications Revolution in American Politics