BRANDING the New Democrats as Unhinged, Elite, Anti-God, Violent Radical Socialists a Top FedUp PAC Strategy for 2019 Elections

FedUp PAC Staff

You might be asking yourself why the 2019 Off-Year elections are so important and why you need to join with FedUp PAC to help push back the Democrats.

With the Democrats now in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives, they will be launching their radical agenda to try to enforce more environmental restrictions (restrictions that will kill jobs and raise gas and energy taxes), enact laws to secure an "open boarders" policy, and expand ObamaCare that will reduce the quality of healthcare and raise premiums.

Granted the 2019 elections represent only a few select governor races and state legislatures, but keep in mind, many of the Democrats radical changes for America will come down to state battles.

If we can turn them back or stop them in 2019, we will be in a better place for the 2020 elections.

Watch Out! "Payback" Is Coming

With the Governor races in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Democrats will be looking for "payback" after the bruising hits they took in the Florida and Georgia gubernatorial races in the 2018 midterms. These 2019 governor races will be an important step in the radical socialist Democrats' push to cut oil exploration, use wetlands as a means to drive folks off their land, support more gun-grabbing legislation, and stop pro-life bills from passing on the state level.

In 2016 Republicans had 33 Governorships while the Democrats had 16. After the 2018 midterms, the Republicans lost one, now at 32, and the Democrats gained two now controlling 18 Governorships. Not a big move, but all three states this time around are big energy producers.

Don't crank-up the air conditioning this summer just yet!

In state legislatures, Republicans have majorities in 30 chambers while Democrats control 18. 2 are split. 36 states have one-party control of the Governor's office and both legislative bodies. 22 are all Republican and 14 are all Democratic. This all adds up to a slight advantage going to Republicans.

This will be important for the 2020 census for drawing up new maps for U.S. House districts, and again, another good reason conservatives need to go to the polls in 2019 and continue to vote for Republicans and why every conservative needs to join in and get involved in the 2019 elections.

Illegal Immigration, Healthcare and Abortion
Fast Becoming Major State Battles

Likewise, the national battles over healthcare, immigration and the "open borders" fight is being played out on the state level more and more every day. In fact, California's new Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom announced sweeping proposals to the state's healthcare system shortly after taking office. He outlined a dramatic Medi-Cal expansion that would cover young immigrant adults who are in the U.S. illegally. It would also require that all consumers in the state carry health insurance and increase subsidies for middle-class families.

His healthcare announcement stopped just short of the single-payer system demanded by far-Left activists who want all residents' healthcare costs covered. Clearly his new proposal can only be seen as the first step down the path towards a socialist single-payer system.

In fact, Newsome sent a letter to Congress and the White House asking for changes to federal laws so that California can have the regulatory freedom to overhaul the state's healthcare system, thus moving it toward single-payer.

Without effective border security, and free healthcare in California for illegals, the incentives to risk crossing illegally into America outweigh the dangers.

Added to that, Newsome has no plans to scale back former Governor Jerry Brown's Sanctuary Cities policy that hides criminal illegal aliens from ICE and other law enforcement. Many of these illegals have committed unspeakable crimes against American citizens when they were released back into the community.

Conservatives Need to Fight the Radical Ideas of the Democrats by
Electing Solid Conservatives at Every Turn

Making sure solid conservatives are elected whenever possible is critically important. In the case of the abortion issue, having a solid conservative legislatures and governors can make all the difference. Take Ohio for instance. Governor John Kasich, a self-proclaimed conservative, vetoed the "Heartbeat Bill" that the Ohio Republican legislature passed. Thankfully Kasich is out and a solid conservative governor, Mike DeWine, was elected this past November who just signed the "Heartbeat Abortion" bill into law.  It's important to elect republicans, but vitally more important to elect solid conservatives who will pass and vote for pro-life laws and other core conservative issues instead of caving in to the political pressures and noise from the Left.

In addition to these national concerns, both bodies (state Senate and House representatives) are responsible for spending millions upon millions of our taxpayer dollars each year. And their decisions affect all of us on a very personal level. We need to make sure we are choosing wisely.

And in some states, there are candidates seeking to fill the remainder of the terms of a circuit court judgeship or that of a magistrate. In an area in which crime is a concern, the decisions we make today are vital ones, including the future handling of illegal aliens with criminal records.

Additionally, voters are being asked to consider levy proposals placed on the ballot by school systems and volunteer firefighters. Both want additional funds to maintain their levels of service to the community, and voters need to make their response known.

And then there are these "so-called" special ballot measures. Like "Measure P" voters in Mountain View, California passed this past November. This initiative is designed to enact a per-employee business license tax based on a company's number of employees. Businesses with over 50 employees must pay a tax of $75 to $150 per employee based on the company's size. This will hit Google, the largest employer in Mountain View, which employs some 23,324 people, with a new yearly tax of over half a million dollars.

This can happen in any state, even yours, if voters aren't informed. These new taxes from Measure P will impact small minority businesses especially and other small businesses the hardest. In essence, they are being punished for taking risks and becoming successful. Large companies like Google can absorb these punitive taxes, Mom and Pop shops cannot do so easily.

That's why FedUp PAC is planning an aggressive effort in 2019 to continue branding Democrats as dangerous, anti-God, far-Left, radical socialists they are through the use of videos, social media, direct target marketing, display ads, and get-out-the-vote efforts. 

Traditional Democrat Voting Groups are
New Opportunity for Conservatives

Building on our successful effort in the 2016 and 2018 election cycles in targeting Catholic voters, FedUp PAC will use direct target marketing to build new conservative/GOP voting blocs to help elect conservative Republicans to office.

As you may recall, FedUp PAC along with other groups played a unique role in helping swing the traditionally Democrat Catholic vote in support of Donald Trump and adding to the GOP Senate majority in the 2018 midterms.

A good example of this winning strategy is Rick Scott's run for the U.S. Senate in Florida this past November. Scott won his Senate race mostly due to his stand on national conservative issues and by proudly aligning himself to President Trump were he targeted disaffected demographic groups like Hispanic voters. In fact, he was able to increase his share of the Hispanic/Latino vote from 12% in his gubernatorial campaign four years earlier to 14%, which was just enough to push him on to victory.

We don't need all the votes in these demographic groups. But using our model that worked to swing over Catholic voters to swing over other voting blocs is a proven winning strategy.

That's why FedUp PAC will work to brand Democrats as politicians that are dangerous, radical, far-Left socialists that do not have the best interest of Black, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, and Jewish voters in mind.

As you can see, 2019 is an important election year on many levels. I hope you will continue to support FedUp PAC in its effort to brand Democrats in 2019 as dangerous, anti-God, radical, far-Left socialists that want to radically transform America, turning us into a nation hostile to faith, free speech, and free markets.