Conservatives Have Some Reservations About Massive Additional Spending

FedUp PAC Staff

Most conservatives accept the necessity for increasing the defense budget but oppose additional non-defense spending, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.  More than 74% approve of the defense portion of the recently-passed spending bill, but less than 4% favor repealing the spending caps and enlarging the rest of the budget.  Another 19% support keeping the 2011 spending caps in place for all types of spending.

The bill which passed Congress last week, ending a very brief government shutdown, repeals the spending caps enacted as the compromise seven years ago between congressional Republicans and President Obama.  It adds more than $80 billion in defense spending and more than $60 billion in non-defense spending in each of the next two years.

The bill passed with substantial Democratic support in both houses once Republicans agreed to the additional non-defense spending.  Sen. Ron Paul (R-KY) made a strong protest in the Senate, delaying passage of the Democrat-supported bill by several hours and making the argument that it was fiscally irresponsible.  Some House conservatives voted against it for the same reason.

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