FedUp PAC Presents Petitions to NFL Owners Supporting Respect for National Anthem

FedUp PAC Staff

No doubt you have been upset by the unpatriotic disrespect for our flag and National Anthem by some NFL players.  Your voice was finally heard when the NFL owners met in New York to discuss how to handle this controversy.  Each owner received a petition from FedUp PAC calling on them to “stop these protests against the National Anthem immediately.”

FedUp PAC collected more than 3,000 signatures from patriots like you in about 24 hours before immediately sending copies of the petition to the 32 NFL team owners prior to the meeting.

You probably know that the NFL’s operations manual already says that players are to be on the field and standing when the national anthem is played.  So why is it that no NFL team has disciplined the players who kneel, sit, or fail to appear on the field?  At least Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did say recently that players who failed to stand would not be allowed to play.  Not one single Cowboy player has protested yet, but many other teams still had one or more protestors this past weekend.  The owners are letting them get away with it.

Public opinion polls show that you are far from being the only fan who disapproves of the protests.  Ticket sales and TV ratings for NFL games have declined, and protesting players have been booed.

FedUp PAC’s petition to the owners notes that “NFL players have given generous personal support to programs and charities that help the disadvantaged in our society.  This good record is being tarnished by the National Anthem protests.”

Although FedUp PAC hopes that the NFL owners will, sooner or later, respond favorably to its petition, it is also pursuing a strategy of putting pressure on the NFL sponsors by threatening a boycott of their products.  Already a petition signed by more than 5,600 consumers has been sent to Papa Johns, warning them that they will lose customers if they remain a sponsor while such disrespect to the flag and National Anthem is allowed to continue.

You and other patriots must continue making yourselves heard.  Even though the NFL owners failed to take decisive action at this meeting, they won’t hold out for long if it means alienating fans and losing millions of dollars.

Thank you for your support, which is essential to success.  We are going to win.  These protests will stop.