Gorsuch Vote Will Test Senate’s Opposition to Terrorism

FedUp PAC StaffGorsuch Vote Will Test Senate’s Opposition to Terrorism

Conservatives see a vote against Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch as a vote “making it easier for terrorists” according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

With President Trump’s brief suspension of travel from a few terrorist-infested countries being held up by Federal judges, and likely to end at the Supreme Court, Gorsuch could well be the fifth vote needed to uphold Trump’s exercise of a 1952 law giving the President broad authority to block entry of selected foreigners. The need for that fifth vote convinced 97% to say that the Senate vote on Gorsuch must be seen as a vote on protection against terrorism. Only 2% disagreed, while 1% were undecided.

Trump’s temporary ban, which is intended to give the U.S. time to improve its ability to screen out terrorists, applies to six nations. One of those is Somalia, the home of the terrorist who attacked people at Ohio State last year, using both his car and a knife.

The Gorsuch hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee have just begun, and a vote by the full Senate could take place as early as mid-April. Some Senate Democrats have threatened a filibuster, which would require at least eight Democratic votes to end.

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