Peter Schweizer

Clinton’s Conduct Demands a Special Counsel

The Senate committee investigating "collusion" between Russia and the Trump campaign announced last Wednesday that they are continuing to search for evidence, despite having found no proof of any such thing.  Likewise, Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his investigation even though there is no indication (i.e. no leak) giving any reason to think he has discovered proof of collusion.

Would President Hillary Become Billionaire Hillary?

Would President Hillary Become Billionaire Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s years as Senator from New York, and even more her years as Secretary of State, took the Clintons from “dead broke” to a net worth estimated by the media at more than $50 million.

Much of this came from money paid to Bill Clinton by foreigners while his wife was in a position to influence US policy towards their nations. How much more would Bill’s friendship be worth if his wife is elected President of the United States?

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