Clinton’s Conduct Demands a Special Counsel

FedUp PAC Staff

The Senate committee investigating "collusion" between Russia and the Trump campaign announced last Wednesday that they are continuing to search for evidence, despite having found no proof of any such thing.  Likewise, Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his investigation even though there is no indication (i.e. no leak) giving any reason to think he has discovered proof of collusion.

But while investigators frantically continue looking into this fake scandal, hoping to do political damage to Donald Trump, evidence for Hillary Clinton's scandals is in plain sight and completely ignored.

The media don't want to talk about it.

The Republican establishment pretends it's not there.

Even Trump's own Justice Department (which still includes many Obama holdovers) won't take action.

FebUp PAC is demanding a new special counsel to investigate Hillary's scandals.  She should have the same treatment as President Trump.  Please take a moment to add your signature to the Petition to Investigate Hillary.

The evidence against Hillary has been made public by author Peter Schweizer, the investigative staff at Judicial Watch, and many others.  It shows that Hillary Clinton used her position at the State Department to provide special treatment for donors to the Clinton Foundation and to enrich her own family.

As Secretary of State, she took the Clintons to a net worth estimated by the media at more than $50 million.  Much of this came from money paid to Bill Clinton by foreigners while his wife was in a position to influence US policy towards their nations.

Especially noteworthy are the patterns that Schweizer discovered as he studied the public records of her years at State. Usually the value of a former president's speeches declines over time, but Bill Clinton reversed that. As time went on and Hillary's influence increased, so did the speaking fees he could charge. The biggest fees came after she was appointed Secretary of State, putting her in a position to make key decisions in the Obama administration. Additional large sums were given to the Clinton Foundation. 

Schweizer also noted that Clinton's money came largely from foreigners – those who were especially dependent on the decisions made by the Secretary of State. However, it was not merely that Bill Clinton received large payments from those who wanted help from his wife, something which some might call a coincidence. Schweizer shows what he calls "a repeated pattern of financial transactions coinciding with official actions favorable to Clinton contributors that is troubling enough to warrant (in my opinion) further investigation by law enforcement officers." 

What sort of "pattern" did Schweizer see that is strangely invisible to the Justice Department, the media and the Republican establishment in Washington? 

An Indian politician arranged for Bill Clinton to be paid the unprecedented sum of $450,000 for one speech (and the Clinton Foundation received a donation of at least one million dollars from another Indian at about the same time). Soon after, Hillary Clinton changed her longstanding position and became a supporter of easing the sanctions imposed on India for developing nuclear weapons.

Laureate Education paid Bill an undisclosed amount, estimated at one million dollars per year. Hillary Clinton's State Department suddenly made a significant increase in grants to the International Youth Foundation, whose chairman also is the head of Laureate.

A Canadian bank with a financial interest in the Keystone Pipeline saw no value in having Bill as a speaker until Hillary was chosen as Secretary of State, with oversight of the study on whether Keystone should be approved. Within days, the bank signed up Bill to give three speeches for $525,000. More well-paid speeches followed in 2009 and 2010. Despite Hillary's strong sympathy for the radical environmental movement which opposed Keystone, her State Department gave surprisingly good reviews to the project. Bill Clinton openly endorsed it, having received more than $2 million from those with a strong financial stake in its construction. 

There is more, but this is far more than enough to justify a special counsel to investigate Hillary.  Please take a moment to add your signature to the Petition to Investigate Hillary.