Conservatives Want Congress to Investigate Anti-Trump Spying and Leaks

FedUp PAC StaffConservatives Want Congress to Investigate Anti-Trump Spying and Leaks

Conservatives say that Congress must investigate the unfolding scandal of the Obama administration spying on people close to President Trump and perhaps on Trump himself according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

The necessity of an investigation was agreed on by 99% of those responding to the poll, while only 1% said that the liberal media line, that there is no need to dig deeper, could be trusted.

Confidential intelligence data has been frequently leaked ever since the election. Although Obama’s director of national intelligence James Clapper testified publically that there is no evidence of any illegal connection between Trump operatives and Russia, the media has used the leaks to keep up a steady drumbeat encouraging suspicion and undermining the Trump administration.

While eagerly publicizing the leaks, the media has consistently refused to give any credit to evidence that the Obama administration was actively involved in collecting this information and providing it to the media.

In recent weeks, that cover-up has suffered serious blows. First Evelyn Farkas (who has been one of Obama’s political appointees in the Department of Defense) openly admitted to working with intelligence insiders to leak confidential information to Democratic congressmen and their staff. Farkas described the sense of urgency to get these secrets into the hands of Democrats before the Trump administration took office and put its own people in charge.

Then it became known that one of Obama’s top aides, Susan Rice, had lied when she denied handling confidential information about people linked to Trump. In fact, Rice not only received it, she actually took the initiative to request that it be sent to her.

Some Republican Congressmen have defied the media by demanding a full investigation of why Rice and others collected such confidential information and how they used it. Conservative clearly agree with these Congressmen.

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