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Republican Senate Primaries Emerging as Trump v. McConnell

The Alabama primary victory of Judge Roy Moore over establishment favorite Luther Strange has both highlighted and encouraged the rise of pro-Trump, anti-establishment GOP senate candidates to challenge incumbents in 2018.

With the current Republican-majority Senate unwilling to support the President and drain the swamp, Republican voters are realizing that getting action in Washington requires not only replacing Democrats with Republicans but also replacing establishment Republicans with constitutional conservatives who refuse to play the old Washington game.

The only way to drain the DC swamp is out with the old and in with the new

If an “upheaval” is indeed on tap for next year, it couldn’t get here soon enough. The calendar says it’s the end of the first week of October, going on nine months since President Trump was inaugurated. It’s safe to say in January conservatives and Republicans were brimming with confidence and hope that their long-awaited agenda expectations could at last go from the idea phase on the drawing board to the implemented stage in America’s cities and towns. 

Conservatives Expect Trump to Repeal ObamaCare

            Conservatives are still hopeful that President Trump will overcome establishment opposition and obtain repeal of ObamaCare, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

            More than 61% say that Trump will get the Senate to vote for repeal.  They expect establishment Republican senators to be swayed by the possibility that Trump will campaign for primary opponents if they support continuation of ObamaCare. 

Trump Tax Plan: Will Ryan And McConnell Pass It?

Trump Tax Plan: Will Ryan And McConnell Pass It?

What’s not to like in the President’s plan?

These are all ideas that have been proposed by conservative think tanks and Republican legislators for years. The only thing we see missing is making the reductions and reforms retroactive to January 2017 to accelerate the pro-growth impact, so for the most part they shouldn’t be controversial.

Do We Have a Justice Department or Not?

During the past few weeks, we have confirmed what we suspected.  The Comey investigation of the Hillary email "matter" was a sham.  We knew that Comey did not call for a grand jury, did not issue subpoenas, and granted immunity to most of Hillary's pals.  Loretta Lynch told Comey to use the word "matter" instead of "investigation," and Lynch met with Bill Clinton days before the FBI questioned Hillary.  But now we know that Comey wrote the exoneration letter before he interviewed Hillary and before he completed the sham investigation.

We're Fed Up with the GOP Establishment on ObamaCare Repeal

Republicans have one last chance to keep faith with their voters when another ObamaCare repeal vote comes up in the Senate just before the September 30 deadline.  After that Saturday, Congress can no longer use the reconciliation process to avoid a Democratic filibuster.

Conservatives Don't Trust Ryan on DACA

            Conservatives do not trust House Speaker Paul Ryan to manage any bill that deals with the DACA amnesty, fearing that he will cooperate with Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

            Almost 97% say that Ryan “will let Pelosi and the Democrats write the bill, then give it his support.”  Only one-half of one percent believe that Ryan can be trusted.

The Swamp Goes All In Against Judge Roy Moore

The independent polls show Judge Roy Moore with a strong, and holding, 7-point lead over appointed establishment Republican Senator Luther Strange in Alabama’s upcoming Republican primary runoff.

The depth of the panic sparked by the idea of a Roy Moore victory has driven Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his lowlife political operatives to new levels of gutter politics by claiming the Judge Moore opposes the border wall when the opposite is true.


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