Pennsylvania Defeat Calls for Work, Not Panic

FedUp PAC StaffPennsylvania Defeat Calls for Work Not Panic

Tuesday’s Republican defeat in the Pennsylvania special election is being touted as a guarantee of a Democratic landslide in November’s elections, putting Democrats back in control of Congress and allowing them to impeach President Trump while putting Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the line of presidential succession.

However, the real lesson for conservatives, populists, and Republicans is that we must show enthusiasm and effort equal to that of the highly-motivated Democrats who have been turning out in large numbers since President Trump’s election.

The liberal media are hoping to demoralize Republican voters, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by getting Republicans to forego voting and election activity.  They want us to believe that November is already hopeless, and all effort is a waste of time.

Don’t be fooled.  The election in Pennsylvania district 18 was not a model of what we will see in November.  Instead of a tried and tested incumbent, the Republican nominee turned out to be a weak candidate, unable to hold on to the labor support of the previous GOP congressman.

Even more important was the caliber of his Democratic opponent, who went out of his way to separate himself from the platform of his own party and avoid criticism of President Trump.  Conor Lamb’s campaign was symbolized by the ad in which he pledged not to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.  Another ad showed him firing an AR-15, highlighting his opposition to gun control.  Lamb endorsed President Trump’s tariffs and opposed the $15 minimum wage that has become holy writ for Democrats.  There will be few such moderate Democrats on the ballot this fall, as Democrats are targeting even their moderate incumbents in the primaries.  Rep. Daniel Lipinski of Chicago may fall to a left-wing challenger in next week’s Illinois primary.  In Texas, when Democratic leaders pointed out the extreme left positions of one primary candidate to warn about her weakness in November, her support surged and she is now in a runoff for the nomination.  Most Democratic candidates will be like Pelosi, or to her left, and a good Republican candidate should have the edge.

Virginia’s 2017 House of Delegates elections also show the limitations facing the Democrats.  In Virginia, a policy of targeting districts that had voted for Hillary Clinton succeeded in picking up many seats, but the failure to make gains in pro-Trump areas still left the Democrats as a minority.  Likewise, merely winning U.S. House seats in pro-Hillary districts (while probably losing some open seats in Trump districts) would keep the GOP in control of the House.

In the Senate, Republicans still appear to have a good chance to add to their majority.  West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, and Montana are all prime targets, while polls also show a close race in Florida.  Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and perhaps even Michigan also offer opportunities.  The Senate polling shows no sign of any “blue wave”, but instead holds out great hope for a Senate that will approve the President’s nominees promptly and pass his legislation.

In fact, it is worth noting that the polls for the Pennsylvania race were once again biased toward the Democrats, showing Lamb pulling away for a big victory when in fact he squeaked through by only a few hundred votes.

What we must worry about is not the Democrats, but ourselves.  If we do our job as voters and citizens, the 2018 elections can still be a success.  We must turn out to vote, we must talk to other voters and persuade them, we must volunteer our time to help good candidates.

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