“Watergate” Hysteria Just Proves Trump Is Following Through On Campaign Promises”

FedUp PAC Staff“Watergate” Hysteria Just Proves Trump Is Following Through On Campaign Promises”

Not since Stalin announced his alliance with Hitler on August 23, 1939 has the American Left done such an overnight flip-flop as occurred when President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

On Monday, Comey was still the target of Democrats who blamed him for Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential race. Comey, they said, had violated standard procedure, had intervened in the election, and had disgraced himself.

By Tuesday evening, Comey had become the great Hero of the Republic, the only man standing between America and despotism.

Of course, the clear reason for the flip-flop is that the Left saw this as a sudden opportunity to claim that Trump should be impeached, or at least that Trump is now on the “Watergate” path that led to Richard Nixon’s resignation to avoid impeachment. If they cannot stampede establishment Republicans into supporting impeachment, they hope to at least win the appointment of a special prosecutor who will be so biased that he will not rest until he has come up with some sort of charge against the President.

What a contrast with the position taken by many of these same Democrats when there were calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives. In that case, there was undeniable wrongdoing by government officials, and no doubt that Obama and Democrats in Congress had publicly encouraged such illegal behavior. Yet the Democrats insisted that the Obama administration could impartially investigate itself (and, of course, it cleared itself).

Today there nothing but speculation and uncorroborated allegations of any wrongdoing. James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence, has declared during Congressional testimony that there was no evidence of any “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. The army of anti-Trump leakers within the US intelligence community has found nothing to turn over to the media.

Furthermore, the firing of Comey has not stopped the FBI’s investigation. The agents doing the actual work continue at their jobs. Though they have found nothing, no one has prohibited them from keeping up their search.

Nor can it be claimed that the new FBI director will be a “stooge who will shut down the investigation,” as claimed by Jeffrey Toobin. The new director will have to be confirmed by the Senate, where Democrats and establishment Republicans combined have a clear majority. Trump’s nominee will have to win the support of RINO’s such as Susan Collins, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lamar Alexander, etc. Only by nominating a top-quality director, one who will carry out his job far more capably than Comey, can Trump achieve Senate confirmation.

Furthermore, Trump’s track record leads us to expect just such a top-quality nominee. The choice of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court was superb. Cabinet selections such as Jeff Sessions, James Mattis, and John Kelly leave no doubt that Trump wants his administration staffed by well-qualified people who will be a credit to him.

The fact that Trump is already making a difference has produced a sense of urgency in the Trump-haters. They see Obama’s legacy being eroded every day. The anti-energy regulations are being removed, energy production is increasing, and coal miners are going back to work. Neil Gorsuch is expected to be a faithful servant of the Constitution on the Supreme Court for decades to come. The war against ISIS, has been stepped up. ObamaCare repeal has passed the House. Deportations of illegal aliens are up, and new arrivals are down. The temporary restrictions on travel from terrorist-infested nations, though blocked so far in the courts, seem likely to eventually go into effect.

The clock is ticking, and the Establishment is desperate to get rid of Trump before he can accomplish the bulk of his agenda. Fortunately for the President, his supporters are not fooled by the ridiculous “Watergate” screams of the Democrats and their allies in the news media. Trump will continue carrying out his campaign promises, so we can expect ever-escalating rhetoric in opposition. That is how we will know that Trump is doing what he promised to do.