Conservatives Say Obey the Law, Let ObamaCare Collapse

FedUp PAC StaffConservatives Say Obey the Law, Let ObamaCare Collapse

Conservatives overwhelmingly support allowing ObamaCare to collapse rather than propping it up with illegal taxpayer funded-subsidies, according to a poll by FedUP PAC.

Letting ObamaCare “collapse” has the support of 96%, while only 3% say that keeping ObamaCare in place justifies breaking the law by providing the subsidies.

A Federal judge ruled last year that some of the ObamaCare subsidies paid to insurance companies are illegal because Congress has never approved the spending. The case is now on appeal, and the subsidies have continued.

Health insurance companies have warned that they cannot continue to offer ObamaCare policies without the illegal subsidies and the continuation of subsidies scheduled to end after 2017. President Trump has not yet taken a firm position on whether to keep paying the subsidies.

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