Conservatives See Trump Keeping Campaign Promises

FedUp PAC StaffConservatives See Trump Keeping Campaign Promises

Conservatives say that President Trump is keeping his campaign promises, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. Ninety-four percent give Trump credit for keeping his word, while only 5% say that he has abandoned the promises that got him elected.

Since taking office, Trump has stepped up protections against terrorists and increased the military effort against the Islamic State. Arrests of illegal aliens for deportations are increasing. Negotiations with Congress for the repeal of ObamaCare and tax reform are underway. The President’s proposed budget shifts money from welfare state programs to defense and homeland security, while paying back the Social Security Trust Fund to support full benefit payments. The rollback of job-killing regulations is proceeding at full speed.

Liberal pundits have recently tried to argue that Trump’s voters have become disillusioned, believe he will not keep his promises, and no longer support him. However, even polling by the liberal Pew Center contradicts such claims. There have also been assertions that Trump’s alleged unpopularity hurt the Republican candidate in a special election in Kansas, but local Republicans say that robocalls by Trump helped give the Republican his narrow victory.

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