FedUp Supporters Warn GOP Leaders: End Your Silence and Defend President Trump

FedUp PAC Staff

Growing grass roots concern about the lack of Republican congressional support for President Trump has been demonstrated by the more than 18,000 conservatives who signed FedUp PAC petitions to the Republican Congressional leadership demanding a vigorous defense of President Trump.  The petitions warn that if GOP leaders remain silent, Democrats will step up their attacks on the President and overturn the outcome of the 2016 elections.  Only constant, vocal support can make it possible for the President to get out his message and follow through on the populist-conservative mandate of his election.

The petitions come at a time when Trump himself has been openly critical of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his failure to provide effective leadership, and has suggested that McConnell needs to be replaced by someone who will be able to push the Trump agenda through the Senate.

Republican leaders, intimidated by the mainstream liberal media, have been silent or even spoken critically of the President while multiple investigations of alleged “collusion” with Russia have turned up no proof.  They distanced themselves from Trump when the news media published highly distorted accounts of the President’s remarks on the conflict between two groups of armed and violent demonstrators in Charlottesville.

Although the President has used executive power to carry out part of his agenda, much of what voters had a right to expect has been bogged down in Congress despite Republican majorities in both houses.  Trump is handicapped when it comes to putting pressure on Congress because the unending drumbeat of fake news has held down his approval rating, and the lack of a Republican response has given Trump’s enemies a monopoly of the discussion.

The petitions show that conservative voters have lost patience with the timidity of the Republican leadership and expect prompt action on such issues as tax reform and ObamaCare repeal when Congress returns next month.

FedUp PAC is not through with its petition campaign.  If you have not yet signed, click here to add your name to this protest against the Republican Congressional leadership.  Let’s build a fire under McConnell and Ryan!