Hypocritical Democrats Scheme to Impeach Trump

FedUp PAC Staff

          Urged on by their fanatical, Trump-hating voters, Congressional Democrats are moving steadily ahead with a strategy to impeach President Trump.

          Their hypocrisy is obvious to anyone who remembers the Clinton impeachment.  At that time, all Senate Democrats and all but a mere handful in the House voted against Bill Clinton’s impeachment and removal.  Yet the evidence against Clinton was so strong that he accepted without contest the penalties imposed by a Federal judge (a judge he himself had appointed) for his perjury, paying a $25,000 fine and giving up his law license for five years.  Congressional Democrats closed their eyes to the evidence and cast their votes on pure partisanship.

          Now that same blind partisanship is driving these hypocrites in the opposite direction – moving toward the impeachment of a president against whom there is no proof of any crime.  The President is accused of trying to stop the investigation of possible “collusion” during the 2016 campaign – despite the testimony of James Comey that Trump told him to continue the investigation.  There is also no proof of any such “collusion” even after a year of investigation.  No proof – yet at least two House Democrats are already circulating impeachment resolutions.

          Of course proof is unnecessary for the Trump-haters.  Even before he had taken office, there were demands for his impeachment, while more extreme elements called for resistance that would “stop the Trump/Pence regime before it starts” and create “a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is prevented from ruling.”  Trump’s real “crime” is his populist-conservative policies – America First, deporting illegal aliens, keeping out terrorists, repealing ObamaCare, etc.

          Some of the Trump-haters are upset that Congressional Democrats are not moving faster toward impeachment, but the Democratic leaders know what they are doing.  It would be difficult (though not necessarily impossible) to win over enough Republican votes in the House to pass an impeachment resolution, and perhaps even more difficult to persuade more than one-third of Senate Republicans to vote for conviction and removal.  Furthermore, removing Trump and Pence would put Paul Ryan in the White House.  Democrats might accept that, knowing they could work with Ryan, but they prefer one of their own.

          The slower pace adopted by the Democrats will use discussion of impeachment (magnified by the anti-Trump media) to undermine and cripple Trump’s presidency and block his agenda, while promoting a big Democratic victory in 2018.  A Democratic-controlled House could then impeach Trump and Pence without a single Republican vote, and Senate Republicans (22 of whom will be up for reelection in 2020) can be spooked into supporting conviction and making Nancy Pelosi the first woman president.

          Yes, that’s why Pelosi has been so determined to hold her position as the leader of the House Democrats.  If she becomes Speaker in 2019, she is next in line for the Oval Office.

          With the entire establishment (of both parties) out to get President Trump, the situation is grim.  However, there is nothing inevitable about Democratic success.  If will only happen if the Americans who elected President Trump stand by quietly and allow the Trump-hating Left to have its own way.

          You must help by calling your Representative and two Senators, demanding that they support Trump’s agenda in Congress and that they speak out often and forcefully about the President’s innocence of any impeachable offense.  You can call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and they will connect you.

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