Liberals drop Russia obsession to home in on Trumps legitimacy

Jeffrey Rendall

If there was anything good to come from the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots and the left’s (and the Washington GOP establishment’s) hysterical reaction to President Donald Trump’s handling of the matter, it’s the fact that no one seems to be talking about Russia anymore.

It’s almost as though the media prefers to blather on about racism and Confederate statues rather than try and squeeze more borscht out of the already expended and dried-up Russian collusion turnip. The sudden sea change of media focus for the past week certainly must have something to do with what the talkers perceive as offering the most damage potential for the president, his credibility and future electoral prospects.

But regardless of the public opinion surveys taken today, tomorrow or next week, the Constitution sets the president’s term at four years, meaning there’s still well over a thousand days left until Americans officially weigh-in on Trump’s job performance. Unless he’s forcibly removed from office, Donald Trump will serve out those days by continuing to do as he sees fit in presiding over American government. That’s the law.

To think – or act – otherwise is to do irreparable damage to the country.


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