Obamacare Repeal And Donald Trump’s September 2015 Remarks

CHQ StaffObamacare Repeal And Donald Trump’s September 2015 Remarks

"September 2015 seems like an eon ago – and politically it is. Back then Donald Trump was the outsider candidate who didn’t have a prayer of winning the Republican nomination for President, never mind beating Hillary Clinton and winning the White House.

Trump confounded all the naysayers, and truth be told he did it with one very simple campaign theme, "We are led by very, very stupid people."

The Washington establishment was outraged when Donald Trump called them “stupid,” but voters across the heartland were energized and reassured that someone running for president was willing to say what they had been thinking for a good long time.

What’s more, Trump’s remark was an equal opportunity trashing of the Washington elite.

He didn’t limit the universe of stupid people to just Democrats, establishment Republicans were very clearly included."

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