Silence Convicts Both Republicans and Democrats

FedUp PAC Staff

What did you think of this week’s big story – the Congressional hearings that grilled Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, to provide proof Trump’s collusion with Russia?

Of course you heard almost nothing because the hearings were a bust.  After a big build-up in the media, the questioning of Kushner produced nothing that the Democrats found worth leaking.  Instead, Kushner went public with an eleven-page statement that relied on contemporary evidence such as emails to shoot down the charges of conspiracy and collusion.  Although a few members of the House Intelligence Committee suggested that his statement would fall apart under their tough questioning, they had nothing to say when it was all over.

The silence from the Democrats is quite understandable.  Once again they predicted big news, perhaps even a smoking gun.  Their voters eagerly awaited the revelations that would bring the quick impeachment of President Trump.  Once again, they came away empty-handed, without anything that would justify what is now a year-long investigation into “collusion”.  Their best course was to say nothing more about it, and quickly move on, trying to turn the President’s Boy Scout speech into a new scandal.

But what explains the silence of the Republicans?

Why do they seem willing to let voters forget that yet another attempt to find something against the President has gone down in flames?

Every Republican in Congress, especially those on the committees that questioned Kushner, should be speaking out in every available venue.  Americans need to be reminded about the repeated failures of the Democrats to come up with any legal case against the President.

Have these Republicans forgotten that California Democrat Brad Sherman has already introduced an impeachment resolution (H. Res. 438)?  Other Democrats, including the never-silent Rep. Maxine Waters, are talking up the need for impeachment at every opportunity.

Republicans must not give Democrats a monopoly in the discussion regarding President Trump.  Already their silence has allowed the Democrats to shave a few points off the President’s approval rating.  Do they think that silence will somehow reverse this trend?  Only a strong and constant defense of the President will turn things around.

Republicans must go on the attack.  It worked for the Democrats when they were fighting the impeachment of a guilty Bill Clinton.  Surely it will work in defense of an innocent Donald Trump.

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